The Fire near Bangalore Air Show

The Fire near Bangalore Air Show: Many Cars gutted in Fire at Parking

Over 300 Cars and Bikes Burned in Aero India Car Parking Ground

This afternoon massive fire breaks out at the parking lot of Bangalore Aero India 2019. Nearly 300 cars and bikes have been destroyed in a big fire. Here we wil discuss on Bangalore Air Show Fire Accident.

There has been a fire incident and Cigarette could be cause. This incident happened in the afternoon during the Air Show. Officials say that there is a possibility that there was a fire from the burning cigarette thrown in the grass of the field. When there was a fire, there were light flames and heavy smoke rising on the spot. People are horrifying after saw the fire. This incident happened near the Yelahanka air base in north Bengaluru. At this place right now more than 100 aircraft are parked for Aero India 2019 events.

The fire accident occurred at about 12.17 pm and when the fire breaks out, at least 15 drivers were asleep inside some cars parked in the location.

Senior officer said that due to the dry grass and strong wind in the field, the fire spread rapidly. Over more than two hundred vehicles, including two and four wheels standing in the ground, have been destroyed. However, the fire was controlled, no casualties were reported.

The vehicles in the parking lot were those people who came here to see the air show. Shortly after the fire, ten fire engines were used to extinguish the fire. After which the fire was in control. However, there is no news of the loss of any aircraft in this incident.

This 12th edition of ‘Aero India 2019‘ has been held in Yelahanka, Bengaluru from 20-24 February.

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