New Safety Features in Cars

New Safety Features AEB & ESC Mandatory in All Indian Cars By 2023

New Safety Features in Cars in India and How They Work

It is very important to pay attention to these Safety features when buying a car because they are attached to the safety of those who sit in the car.

Every person takes care of different things when buying a car. Someone looks at the mileage of a car and looks but today we are going to tell you about some of the features that should be your priority. In fact, it is very important to pay attention to these features when buying a car because they are related to the safety of those who sit in the car. That is why it is very important to have them in the car. So let us tell you who the features which should not be ignored.

New features like electronic stability control (ESC) and Autonomous Emergency Breaking (AEB) will be mandatory after 2023.

These two safety systems help prevent the collision. In different situation, both AEB and ESC take automatic breaks. Breaks in AEB are likely to occur when the car is likely to face a speed of 65 kmph. And the work of ESC starts on winding roads or at the turn losing control of the car. If the traction is low when turning the car, then it puts an automatic break.

In India, the cheapest car with the AEB feature is the Volvo XC40, which starts from Rs. 40 lakhs. In this car AEB meets as standard. This safety system is not used much in cars in India, but most of the cars sold in the international market have this system. Made in India and exported to England the Baleno car has the Radar Brake Support feature is available.

This car applying automatic breaks in case of collision. Apart from this, Baleno cost with AEB system is about Rs. 1 lakh more than the standard version. If this feature is offered in cars in India then its price may increase by about 50 thousand rupees.

Ford is the only company that offers ESC systems in all its cars. ESC and other safety features have been provided in Titanium Variants of Ford Freestyle and its price is about 49 thousand rupees more than the trend variants. According to this, the cost of installing ESC systems in new cars will not come very much and it will not have much effect on customers.

If car companies put both of these features in their vehicles, then in 2022, the price of cars could increase by about 60 thousand rupees. However, these features can save the lives of people and there is no cost of life.

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